OCT 10TH, 2015

Opening Reception:

Saturday, October 10th : 6 - 9pm

Gallery Hours:

Sat & Sun, 1-6pm
or by appointment

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Accustomed to working predominantly with 3D elements of all kinds, (most importantly taxidermy creatures, animals--small and large), Mammalsoap's art now takes a turn. He ventures into a different realm of his own subconscious by exclusively using the most basic of all mediums: pencil and paper. His drawings are a darkened look into a surreal, almost dreamlike state of being where absurdity and reality collide. This skewed reality is merely a vision the artist bespeaks with cutting precision. His drawings solidify his visions of the obscure, with a sense of virtual omnipotence and dreadful confidence. Deciphering the meaning behind the work is the viewer’s conundrum. While one gazes, interpretations may shift violently within seconds. From fundamental, gleeful understandings, to rolling, utter confusions or intense forebodings. The work challenges the practical mind and devours the retina as if charmed by some ancient relic. The artwork on display is a paradox to the artist's customary, large-scale animalistic intensity, as seen at his previous solo show, "Notes from the Inside" and makes the title of this exhibition not only a homage to his previous work, but an all-too true representation of the artist’s current state of incarceration. All of the work on display has been released into the world from a place of much darkness, the inside of an upstate NY penitentiary. The process of excavating drawings from the inside has been a trying one, but with help we have succeeded in procuring 29 drawings of severe significance. The artist’s predicament resounds undeniably in his drawings: Fenced in mammals bearing shackled limbs, birds held back with fire soaked rage, and traumatic visuals unveil a feeling of serenity which dominates the page. The faded plateau upon which the creatures sit is clouded with uncertainty and injustice, all the while inserting hints of levity and acceptance. Chaos and symmetrical malevolence are common threads across the body of work, and a certain euphoria is produced from the oddities perceived. For Mammalsoap, creation is a pastime, a dedication to a craft that no bars may hold: A pure artistic endeavor unveiled in an uncertain time, proving with intense certainty that even while chained within the most taxing of circumstances, love and determination prevails. We remain steadfast and proud as we present to you "Notes from the Inside 2", Drawings from Mammalsoap.